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Boots hours reduction consultations paused


An update on the pause in the supplementary hours driven consultation process.

Boots pharmacists potentially impacted by trading hours reductions


Boots has reviewed supplementary trading hours in selected Boots stores which may impact on Pharmacists and other staff members. The BPA should be contacted by any BPA members affected by these proposals

Increased demand for LFD test kits


A brief summary of the current situation with LFD kit distribution

Changes to the Pharmacy contract in England


A summary of the most significant changes to year 3 of the pharmacy contract

BPA members enjoy discounts with Benefits Hub


A brief story about the value of the Benefits Hub to BPA members

Boots announces plan to close 200 stores


Walgreen Boots alliance recently announced plans to close 200 Boots stores in the UK over the next 18 months

BPA launches “one number” advice line


To make it easier for our members to get help and advice we have introduced a new “one number” contact system.

BPA launches new financial advice service


You work hard for your money but is your money working hard for you?

Boots and Pharmacists Support extend BPA coaching service


The BPA is delighted that Boots has entered into a partnership with Pharmacist Support to expand a coaching service that was devised by the BPA and Pharmacist Support in 2017.

BPA responds to GPhC consultation on initial education and training standards for pharmacists


The BPA has responded to the current consultation on the initial education of pharmacists.

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