• Disputes and disciplinaries can be a distressing time. You can feel alone; even isolated. BPA took so much time not only providing real and practical advice, but the support that came along with it was invaluable. It lifted my mood and I felt like I was the only case they were handling. They are genuinely here to help. Thank you BPA.
  • The help and support I was given by the BPA was excellent.
    I would highly recommend all Boots pharmacists join the BPA.
  • Once again many thanks to BPA for great support. My matter was handled with care and confidence. The support and advice was brilliant and led to no official meetings being held. If you are not a member yet do not hesitate and JOIN BPA NOW!
  • As a loyal pharmacist working for the company for many years ,attending a disciplinary hearing can be an extremely worrying and daunting . In my case, it was an unintentional breach of security rules which made me feel isolated from my colleagues and managers. From the moment I contacted the BPA they were incredibly involved in my case, providing reassurance, guidance, representation and better than anything someone to talk to in confidence. I am proud to be a member.
  • The BPA supported me during the appeal process and the appeal was upheld and his decision overturned. I was then rated as performing. I cannot imagine how my life would have been without the support I got from them. I strongly encourage every pharmacist to join the BPA.
  • I felt very supported through challenging times and it's great to know that as pharmacists, we are not alone. The BPA has our backs.
  • I would just like to thank the BPA for all their support in a recent disciplinary hearing. This took the form not only of the provision of a knowledgeable representative but also in the time invested to fully discuss the case with me leading ultimately to a satisfactory outcome. I never thought I would have need of the BPA but when I had need to call upon them the BPA surpassed all my expectations dealing with the case with a high degree of support and professionalism at all times. I cannot recommend membership highly enough.
  • I have been with the BPA for over 2 years now. I joined the BPA after my colleague convinced me, with difficulty, to leave my old association. I was reluctant at first because I thought that the BPA was only there to defend the company not the pharmacist as such, but being much cheaper I decided to join. I can testify that my fears have been proved wrong; the BPA is there to defend/help pharmacists with problems they may face at work.

    I had an incident which was judged so serious to go straight to disciplinary without any warning. Having worked for the company for over 10 years with a clean record and the condition in which the incident occurred, I felt let down, angry, afraid, lost confidence and alone. I then remembered that I was a member of the BPA and thought "let's see what they are can do, you never know". I sent an email late at night and expected a reply the following day, BUT I got a reply the same night reassuring me, another email and phone call the following day.

    I was so relieved I had them on my side. I told my colleague, who was facing the same blame as I was, about what the BPA was doing for me and she decided to join as well. Cutting a long story short, the BPA managed to cancel the disciplinary hearing and everything went back to normal. I'm so happy they were there when I needed them. It is important in our profession to be able to have an association such as The BPA to stand by you when things turn against you. I recommend them to all my colleagues.
  • I have sought advice from the BPA on several occasions, I’ve always found them to be very helpful and their support has been brilliant. Having a BPA rep at my performance rating appeal was so reassuring, the BPA and reps knowledge of internal processes and procedures undoubtedly helped in my appeal being successful. Thank you BPA
  • The help and support I was given by the BPA was excellent. I would highly recommend all Boots pharmacists to join the BPA.