October newsletter

BPA - Boots Pharmacists Association


News update October 2019

BPA achieves excellent outcomes for members.


The BPA continues to give valued support to its members facing disciplinary and grievance procedures. We have supported and represented  members in recent months with a  number of complex and in some cases long running grievance procdures and have helped them achieve excellent outcomes.  We have also supported members through disciplinary procedures and helped them achieve the best possible results. We are proud of our track record in providing support for members in these distressing circumstances. The following testimonials  demonstrate the value of this service.

"Disputes and disciplinaries can be a distressing time. You can feel alone; even isolated. BPA took so much time not only providing real and practical advice, but the support that came along with it was invaluable. It lifted my mood and I felt like I was the only case they were handling. They are genuinely here to help. Thank you BPA". 

"I had an incident which was judged so serious to go straight to disciplinary without any warning. Having worked for the company for over 10 years with a clean record and the condition in which the incident occurred, I felt let down, angry, afraid, lost confidence and alone. I then remembered that I was a member of the BPA and thought "let's see what they are can do, you never know".  I sent an email late at night and expected a reply the following day, BUT I got a reply the same night reassuring me, another email and phone call the following day."

"I was so relieved I had them on my side. I told my colleague, who was facing the same blame as I was, about what the BPA was doing for me and she decided to join as well. Cutting a long story short, the BPA managed to cancel the disciplinary hearing and everything went back to normal. I'm so happy they were there when I needed them. It is important in our profession to be able to have an association such as The BPA to stand by you when things turn against you. I recommend them to all my colleagues"

Hopefully you will never face problems like these BPA members experienced but if you ever do  please contact the BPA as quickly as possible either by the email addresses on the website or by our one number contact line on 07756 796069

Please spread the word about the support services the BPA  provides and encourage pharmacists to join the association.



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