BPA Newsletter - January 2019 - 2

BPA - Boots Pharmacists Association


News update: January 2019

BPA launches new one number advice line.
07756 796069

To make it easier for our members to get help and advice we have introduced a new “one number” contact system. This number will transfer to the BPA executive member who is on call. So for help and advice, please phone  07756 796069

BPA executive meeting  16th January 2019

The BPA executive held its first executive meeting of the new year on the 16th of January. We had a packed agenda and agreed a number of initiatives during the day including.

  • The date and time of the 2019 Annual General Meeting.
  • Our key priorities, investment options and work plan for 2019.
  • A rebuild of the BPA website.
  • Potential new benefits for members.

BPA financial advice service

The BPA launched a financial advice service in January which was the focus of  our last newsletter. Details of the service can be found at www.lighthousegroup.plc.uk/affinity/bpa

BPA - Boots Pharmacists Association Working with Lighthouse Financial Advice
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