Welsh Community Pharmacy Contract continues to evolve


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The Choose Pharmacy Platform has now rolled our across country and is in 95 Boots stores.  The platform hosts a number of services, including NHS Flu, Emergency Medicines Supply, Discharge Medicines Service and the Common Ailments Service.  This latter service continues to be developed, with a Sore Throat Test & Treat pilot going on throughout Wales, with a view to extended roll out in 2019 / 2020. Delivery of Local Enhanced Services continues to increase as Local Healthboards commission existing services to more pharmacies and new services through pilot and roll out. New Services this year include a Naloxone Take Home Service and a Respiratory Medicines Adherence Service.  The ambition continues to be that every pharmacy consistently delivers all of the services that it is commissioned to deliver, bringing continuity to the patient and is seen as a key part of the local community.Additionally, funding is being set aside to train more Independent prescribers and registered technicians  and to introduce a Continuity Payment based on availability of the Common Ailments Service.