Primary Care Networks formed in England


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GP practices in England have been organising themselves into Primary Care Networks (PCNs) covering communities of between 30,0000 and 50,000 patients.

PCNs are not just about GP services. They will include and provide services from a wide range of Healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists, community based Paramedics, Social Prescribing link workers and of course Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.  Initially each PCN will be recruiting a Primary Care Network Clinical Pharmacist but all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be part of the multiprofessional team in the PCN.

Primary Care Networks are central to the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan and they will have a Primary Care Network contract to deliver seven service specifications which are currently under development. There will be vital role for community pharmacy in the delivery of these service specifications and we will share more details of this when the service specifications are published. 

NHS England recognises the value of community pharmacy in the delivery of elements of urgent care to help increase the capacity within GP practices and the prevention of disease through the promotion of healthy lifestyles. However it also recognised that Community Pharmacy has the ability to deliver more clinical care to patients and the BPA is hopeful that this will be reflected in the new pharmacy contract that is currently being developed

Primary Care Networks are vital to the future of Community Pharmacy and the BPA executive recommends that our members in England should look out for communications from your Local Pharmaceutical Committees and attend any meetings or events that are held  regarding Pharmacy Care Networks