The BPA formed in 1973 and was set up by Boots Pharmacists for Boots Pharmacists and we pride ourselves in the support we give to our members on a daily basis.

We are here to support you in various ways through your career in Boots; this could be as simple as:

·         Someone to talk to discuss current issues, or

·         Provide a confidential discussion facility, to

·         Providing legal and professional advice

However it is very important to understand that for legal reasons that this support is only available to members of the BPA.

Some of the things we get involved in include:

·         Having regular meetings with Senior Boots Management to discuss matters within the company that will impact on Boots Pharmacists

·         Conducting regular surveys with our members on current issues and discussing the results with Senior Boots Management to look at ways we can make things better in the workplace

·         Meeting with various Healthcare bodies to look at ways we can work together to advance the profession of Pharmacy

In summary

We are an independent association for Boots Pharmacists which ‘has your interests at heart’

In addition, your membership will also give you:

·         Legal Defence cost insurance up to £500,000

·         Independent professional and Legal advice

·         An employment advice hot line

·         Representation of collective views to other organisations e.g. RPS, MHRA, LPF

If you are not already a member then the solution is simple, join today via this website.

If you are a member the earlier we get involved in a situation the more likely it will be that we can improve the outcome. Members who have received our support view it as priceless.